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This number is considered the basis for obtaining any subsequent services. Then we accompany you to the best known banks or the bank you wish to open a bank account. So that you can later transfer your accounts to it

Follow-up title deed transfer transaction

The company is responsible for supervising and following up on the completion of the apartment registration process with the Land Registry Department, by securing all papers and documents, submitting them, and following up until the registration is officially completed and the apartment’s title deed is received.

Real Estate Tours

After learning about your priorities in choosing the residential location and the specifications of the apartment or house you prefer, the sales manager will accompany you on a tour of several offers that match your expectations and desires.

Reception at the Airport

We have an airport reception service where we welcome you at the airport and make sure to take you to your chosen place of residence, whether it is a furnished apartment or a 3, 4 or 5-star hotel.

Recieve your calls and messages

We understand your request, and as soon as we receive an inquiry from you about an apartment, house, or villa with the specifications you prefer, the staff will put in your hands the best and most appropriate offers in terms of location, specifications, and price.

Those wishing to buy with the intention of investing

Our company guides you to the most suitable offers for this and be ready to promote your apartments for sale or rental, knowing that our company's ads reach about 10 million followers per month.